• Somnea

  • Sleep Explorer - Access Respiratory Analysis

  • Product No: NS-1038
  • Manufacturer: Compumedics
  • Respiratory
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The simple and effective solution for ambulatory respiratory investigations. Somnea offers versatility with 5 data channels producing up to 10 total signals including data – types not typically offered on small, ambulatory recorders.


System Features

  • Simple setup
  • Colour coded sensors for user friendly applications
  • Integrated high resolution LCD screen for control functions and waveform display
  • Automatic respiratory analysis
  • Reporting of RDI, respiratory events and snore
  • Pressure transducer for sensitive nasal airflow and CPAP measurements
  • Effort signals produced from inductive plethysmography band technology
  • Battery (2 AA Alkaline or NiMH) support for recordings up to 30 hours
  • Removable Compact Flash card