We've opened our store!

Check out our new online store, making it easier for you to get the products you need to your workplace!

We've opened our store!
We've opened our store!


New E-Prime Version 3 New

We are proud to announce that the latest version of E-Prime, E-Prime 3, is now available! Contact us to upgrade you current version or purchase E-Prime today.


All the new features of E-Prime 3:

  • Support for tablets and touchscreens
  • SlideButton sub-object for an area of response collection without using script
  • SlideChoice sub-object to design multiple choice surveys, recognitions, recalls
  • SlideSlider sub-object to design scales and sliders
  • Slide Layout Templates for quick design
  • Improved interface with tabbed workspace and easier access to windows
  • Find and replace properties in an experiment
  • Run an experiment in a floating window for quicker inspection and debugging
  • Run desired List rows at runtime with Interactive order selection
  • Interactively run List rows for debugging purposes
  • Create conditional Task Events using subroutines in User Script
  • Improved Audio/Video playback and load times
  • Start an experiment from any List object
  • Play movie and audio files in additional formats
  • Online Experiment Library
  • E-Prime Command Reference and online documentation
  • New experiment design templates
  • Access Full and User Script in the Structure window
  • Automatically generate text data files upon completion of experiment
  • Save a definition of columns of interest in E-DataAid
  • Correct, Incorrect, Omission Task Events
  • Check for Update checks web and prompts when updates are available

BESA Research 6.1 January 2017 released! New

BESA Research 6.1 is now available for limited diagnostic purposes in the EU and in other countries that recognize the CE certification for medical devices, including the use as an additional tool for the evaluation of epileptiform EEG and MEG data. Diagnostic use is restricted to applications detailed in the Intended Use document, and to a group of users detailed in the Intended User document, which need to be consulted together with the other safety instructions before any such use. Several enhancements were performed to minimize potential risks and to improve the workflow of clinical application. Anyone using BESA Research 6.1 is eligible for a free upgrade to this version.
Further improvements such as an improved EDF format reading and writing feature, and better handling of batch logging have been implemented as well.
For further information about BESA Research, or purchasing BESA Research 6.1, please contact us via email info@neurospec.com or the Contact page.

We've opened our store! New

A lot of our customers purchase things online. Chances are, you’re one of them. While we love helping people setup their lab, write interesting papers and study the complex and mysterious physiology of the human body better, we want to make it easier for you to get the products you need to your workplace.

And that is why we opened our online store for you!

Checkout our Online Store

Our online store is packed with features, which make it easier for you to order products from us. But that is not the only benefit you get when purchasing from us online. You also benefit from better prices!

Please be reminded, we do not make any quotations from our online store and hence the better prices only apply on online purchases.

So, now, go have fun browsing our new online store! Should anything be missing or you cannot find a product just send us an email to info@neurospec.com and we'll do our best to help you out.


Arab Health 2017 New

NEUROSPEC AG will be attending the forthcoming Arab Health 2017 Meeting in Dubai, UAE. The conference will be held from 30 January - 02 February. You can always contact us during visiting hours via email to info@neurospec.com or via the Contact page. See you there and looking forward to it!

BIOPAC Physiology T4 Conference 2017 New

The BIOPAC Physiology T4 - Technology, Trends, Tools, and Techniques - Conference is a unique opportunity - a conference like no other on a campus like no other - and one with immense value. The conference will take place from Monday-Wednesday, July 24-26, 2017, sited at the University of California Santa Barbara, Corwin Pavilion in California, USA.

The conference consists of three days of hands-on, “how-to” training delivered by experts in the various disciplines. In addition, you’ll receive 90-minute training sessions on the key functionality and selling points of key systems such as fNIR, stimulus presentation systems, WorldViz VR, FaceReader, BIOPAC equipment, and others.

Why attend?

  • Develop your skills and knowledge
  • Meet your colleagues: academic scientists, and industry experts
  • Meet BIOPAC and experts, distributors and integrated solution partners


Contact us to receive more information about the conference and to register for the conference today.

We look forward to an exciting and interesting BIOPAC Physiology conference with you!


BIOSEMI - ActiveTwo

BIOSEMI - bringing EEG and ERP to a new level with the original Active Electrode and ActiveTwo EEG Amplifier.

BESA - Research 6.1

BESA - the leading innovators in digital EEG, MEG and MRI software for research and clinical applications.


SHIMADZU - Next-Generation Optical Brain-Function Imaging with functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)