• OtoNova

  • Fast ABR+OAE Newborn and Infant Screener

  • Product No: NS-1090
  • Manufacturer: Otodynamics
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Enjoy the Freedom

Based on the much popular and highly trusted Otoport and ILO devices, the OtoNova from Otodynamics is ideal for universal newborn hearing screening programmes as well as paediatric assessments. The incredibly fast ABR+OAE newborn and infant screener allows users to remotely control tests using a compatible tablet or smartphone of their choice. The connection is a highly unique and secure wireless connection, ensuring the safety of your data. 

Wireless Control

OtoNova is securely controlled via a wireless connection to your Android device via the Nova-Link App. The new Nova-Link App offers intuitive touch-screen-based control of all OtoNova functions. It is able to display the test progress, monitor any noise, and indicate probe fit or electrode impedance problems. Test results are saved in a 10'000 test researchable patient database which captures full response data.

In addition to wireless control, you are also able to export test results and then print them out on your local (Bluetooth or networked) printer.

 OtoNova with Earcup Electrode for Paediatrics

System Features

  • Wireless Connection with compatible Tablets and Smartphones
  • Gold Standard Screening: OtoNova performs automated ABR screening with chirps and OAE screening using TEOAE and DPOAE
  • Any test combination: ABR, TE+ABR, DP+ABR, DP+TE+ABR
  • Fast ABR pass in only 70 seconds
  • Rapid OAE pass as low as 7 seconds
  • Easy to use and clean


What comes with your OtoNova

  • OAE probe with cable clip
  • Wireless charging mat
  • Sample ear tip pack
  • ABR electrode cables (with ABR option)
  • Sample Starter ABR pack (with ABR option)
  • Probe test cavity
  • User manuals
  • Carry Case
  • Novalink App access for Android


Technical Specifications

User interface: 

Nova Link App for Android

Connection Type:


Test Combinations: 


TEOAE frequency bands: 

1, 1.5, 2, 3 and 4kHz

DPOAE frequency bands:

2-6kHz, 1-6kHz, or 1.5-8kHz in ½ octave steps


Integrated battery, chargeable through a wireless charging mat. Battery charge lasts more than 2 months on standby and completes more than 500 tests.


Tablet and Smartphone of choice, printer, and optional Otolink software on your Windows 10, 8, and 7 computer.


214 grams (7.5oz)


Control either from the touch screen of your tablet/smartphone of choice or OtoNova's own touch controls.