Established in 2001, MMBiomedical - Neurospec is a global distributor in computer-based diagnostic and research systems, as well as accessories. Our core business is the commercialisation of equipment and accessories with a focus on the fast growing Neurology, Audiology, Neuropsychology and Research markets.
We offer existing technology and so continue expansion into a number of related market sectors including neurological diagnostics, monitoring, sleep disorders, audiological neurology including OAE’s and DP’s and Research EEG / BCI / ERP application. MMBiomedical incorporated its business to NEUROSPEC AG in September 2007.


NEUROSPEC AG aims to find and supply innovative and technological standards to Medical Institutions and Universities.

NEUROSPEC AG exists to identify and deliver accessible medical and research technologies to the world.

NEUROSPEC AG provides its customers with products of superior technology, ease of use, reliable quality and the experience of dealing with NEUROSPEC AG being one of professional excellence and an enjoyable experience.

Product Lines

Since 2001, NEUROSPEC AG has always been determined to supply its customers with only the most best and high-end products available on the neurophysiology and neuropsychology markets. Throughout the years, NEUROSPEC AG has gained trust in manufacturers all around the world and has carefully considered those for our customers.



Lausanne, Switzerland