• DSI-fNIR

  • Artefact Resistant Dry EEG with integrated NIRS

  • Product No: NS-1085
  • Manufacturer: Wearable Sensing
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The DSI EEG + fNIR headset is a complete, research-grade, combined wireless EEG and fNIR system. It is designed for synchronized recording of the brain's electrical activity (EEG) as well as its haemodynamic response or blood-oxygen-level-dependent (BOLD) response. The system's sensors are arranged in a way which allows simultaneous and superimposed recording at locations distributed on the scalp.

The system comprises ultra-high impedance active Dry Sensor Interface (DSI) sensors and very powerful LED emitters and high sensitivity NIR detectors that function through hair, without skin preparation or gels. They are spring-loaded to provide constant, comfortable contact pressure that mitigates movement artifacts seen during ambulation and are actively and passively shielded to prevent contamination from real-world electrical artifacts.

This multi-modal EEG and fNIR device enable investigation of neurovascular coupling, the relationship between EEG and BOLD, localization of neuronal activity sources and more reliable brain activity monitoring.

Applications made possible with the DSI-EEG+fNIR include:

  • Neuroscience research 
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI)
  • Neurovascular Coupling
  • Neurofeedback
  • Neuromarketing
  • Biomarkers


System Features

  • Active dry electrode sensor with 2 stage amplification and digitization in headset delivers research-grade EEG signal
  • Triple frequency ultra-bright LED emitters and amplified detectors offer reliable through-hair fNIR
  • fNIR optodes arranged around EEG sensors for co-registered measurement of EEG and BOLD
  • Patented artifact resistant electro-mechanical designs enable ambulation in naturalistic environments
  • Short- and Long- light paths fNIR measurements empower integrated algorithms for regression of Mayer wave artifact
  • Fully integrated and synchronized, complete EEG and fNIR system in a single device ideal for combined hemodynamic and electrophysiological research
  • Autodetection of optical emitters and detectors to use for each fNIR location
  • Raw fNIR signals converted to changes in concentration of oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin (BOLD)
  • Rapid set-up and clean-up time
  • Adjustable to fit a wide range of head sizes (52-62 cm)
  • 8 channel locations with combined EEG and fNIR for concomitant measurement of EEG and fNIR
  • Provides excellent temporal precision from EEG combined with spatial precision from fNIR
  • Wireless triggering for synchronization of multiple devices (hyper-scanning) and ambulatory ERPs
  • Bluetooth or wired-USB transmission
  • Adjustable power settings for each emitter LED wavelength


Technical Specifications

Wireless range 10 m
Reference Pz Common-mode-follower
Positional accuracy Within 1.5 cm
Resolution 16 bit
Sampling rate 300 Hz EEG, 15 Hz fNIR
Bandwidth 0.003-150 Hz EEG, 40 nm fNIR
Gain 60
Common Mode Rejection Ratio >120 dB
Channel Cross-Talk < -70 dB with sensors
Input Impedance (1Hz) 47 GΩ
Input Bias Current <25 pA
DC Offset Tolerance ±200 mV
Maximum Input Range 10mV pk-pk
Noise (1-50Hz) <1 µV RMS
Digital inputs 8 bits
fNIR emitters and detectors 4 per sensor
Emitter Frequencies 760, 808, 850 nm
Run-time 4h
Wireless Bluetooth
Ground Fpz
Sensor Locations International 10-20 system Fp1, Fp2, C3, C4, T3, T4, O1, O2 and A1/A2 sensors for linked ear reference


Please note: Important! This product is for research applications only. Not a medical device as defined in EU directive 93/42/EEC. Not designed or intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of disease.