Echoport ILO292-II
  • Echoport ILO292-II

  • Advanced binaural clinical/research OAEs

  • Product No: NS-1006
  • Manufacturer: Otodynamics
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Lightweight, portable OAE instrument for use with laptop or desktop PC via USB port. Includes both ILOV6 Clinical OAE software and EZ-Screen, with patient data management software. The 292 performs the full range of single-probe clinical OAE measurement with trusted ILO analysis.


System Features

  • TEOAE, DPOAE, SOAE, DP Growth, Bilateral TE and DP plus Contralateral Suppression
  • Advanced binaural clinical/research OAEs


TEOAE recording:

  • Quick Screen and Standard ‘ILO’ (20ms) diagnostic recording
  • Click stimulus or configurable tone pulse
  • Configurable stimulus intensity. In-the-ear calibration

DPOAE recording:

  • High resolution DPgram up to 8 points per octave (27 frequencies shown)
  • Total DP power assessment
  • DP I/O growth rate analysis, dB/dB or scissor optimized stimuli

Advanced functions:

  • Powerful ‘synchronised’ spontaneous emission search to reveal actual and latent spontaneous OAEs
  • Full spectrum display during DP test shows higher order DPs
  • Contralateral noise suppression of TEOAE


Technical Specifications


297mm x 210mm x 18mm (11.75in x 8.25in x 0.75in)


1.045kg (2.3lb). Connections: Two probe sockets - for UGS or UGD probes with built in ID and memory chip. (292 USB-I one probe socket fitted. Removable blank for upgrade). Standard USB interface on rear.

Power consumption: 

50mA when device connected; 140mA when software running; 320mA recording monaural; 480mA recording binaural


4 Independent stimulus channels (292-I two only) 16 bit 25kHz, 0-95dB. 2 signal input channels (292-I one only) 16 bit 25kHz

PC requirements: 

Windows 10 and 7, free USB port


Type BF, class II. Certified as meeting EN60601-1, UL2601, CSA 22.2, no. 601-1, CE, EMC. Otodynamics is an ISO9001 and ISO13485 compliant company.