Echoport ILO288-II
  • Echoport ILO288-II

  • Versatile TE+DP system

  • Product No: NS-1009
  • Manufacturer: Otodynamics
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Both type ILO288‘s allow measuring for TOAE and SPOAE. The ILO288 USBII advanced system also allows DP screening functions and hence is an advancement of the ILO288 USBI system. See the ILO288 USB brochure for further information on this plug and play platform device.


System Features

  • Fast screening DPOAE facility
  • Four programmable test protocols
  • Powerful patient database
  • USB plug-n-play connection to a Windows 7, XP or Vista PC
  • Lightweight and battery-free

OAE test modes:

  • TEOAE Quickscreen - ideal for screening or for clinical examination in conjunction with DPOAEs - configurable click stimulus level
  • DP-Gram (ILO288-II only) - user-selectable stimulus level and points per octave including high resolution DPgram up to 8 points (27 frequencies shown)

Results display:

  • Half-octave frequency histogram showing OAE and noise
  • 1-4kHz TEOAE, 1-8kHz DPOAE
  • Criteria based band pass indicators
  • TEOAE waveform and frequency spectrum


Technical Specifications


297mm x 210mm x 18mm (11.75in x 8.25in x 0.75in)


1.045kg (2.3lb). Connections: Probe socket - for UGS or UGD probes with built in ID and memory chip. Standard USB interface on rear.

Power consumption:

50mA when device connected; 140mA when software open; 320mA when running test

PC requirements:

Windows 10 and 7, free USB port


Type BF, class II. Certified as meeting EN60601-1, UL2601, CSA 22.2, no. 601-1, CE, EMC. Otodynamics is an ISO9001 and ISO13485 compliant company.