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  • Product No: NS-1022
  • Manufacturer: Otodynamics
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The Otoport Flexi provides high quality OAE measurement features in a compact, hand-held format. The Otoport is simple to use and with powerful measurement features performs an automatic analysis of cochlear status within seconds. Designed for the clinic and the nursery, the Otoport flexi handheld OAE instrument can meet your needs. It’s easy to switch between analytical clinical modes and screening modes.



In the Clinic For Newborn Screening For Pediatric Assessment
Otoport flexi provides high quality 12 frequency DPgrams with normative range markers from 1-8kHz. Tests are highly configurable. You can preconfigure two clinical DPOAE modes which are easily accessible. Select the stimulus level from 6 L1,L2 combination and chose the analysis display as half octave or DPgram. Complete your clinical OAE examination TEOAEs displayed as a waveform or ½ octave analysies, 1-4kHz. There are two preconfigurable TEOAE clinical modes. The Otoport flexi’s is also an ideal newborn screenerwhatever your preferred screening method. It includes 2 TEOAE Quickscreen and 2 DPOAE pre-configurable screening modes. Automated start for speed with clear pass/refer indications based on configurable pass criteria. Add AABR with our easy-to-fit ABR sleeve (optional). Worklist and user login option for large screening programs (see Otoport ABR brochure). The Otoport flexi pediatric screening mode is fast and highly effective with children, alerting you to the possibility of both conductive and cochlear losses. With visual distraction displays, one of 3 cartoons will engage the child, helping keep them quiet. The cartoon gradually fills with color if the child is quiet but colors fade when child is noisy.


System Features

  • Trusted OAE configurable pass criteria
  • Fast noise resistant operation
  • Configurable noise management and rejection
  • Each test is saved with the actual physiological response
  • Up to 250 tests in a single battery charge
  • Worklist and downloadable secure database, login access if required
  • Comprehensive probe fit and noise level indicators
  • Selectable automated DP frequency sweep management
  • Individual band pass indications
  • Built in self-test and probe check functions
  • Automated download via USB to the supplied Otolink
  • PC software for detail data review, and optionally to the ILO V6 analytical application
  • Print directly to battery powered mini printer with automatic print on connect mode
  • Receive web based firmware and application updates via Otolink


Technical Specifications

User interface: 

Display: 65K colour, high resolution

Memory and storage: 

More than 5000 test records. 1024 patient records.

Data acquisition: 

Analogue interface: 2 x 16bit (output) and 1 x 16 bit input) channels. Frequency response - 160Hz to 12KHz (electrical)

Electrical interfaces: 

Probe connector (Otodynamics 8-pin). Data/charge connector - USB 1.1/2.0


Internal rechargeable 3.7v, 1000mAh lithium-polymer battery


195mm (7.6in) x 70mm (2.7in) x 30mm (1.2in)


214 grams (7.5oz)


Device Class 2a (Directive 93/42/EEC). ISO 13485. ISO 14971.
BS EN 60601. UL 60601. CSA-C22.601.


English, Spanish, French, Turkish, Portuguese, German, Hungarian, Polish