Otoport Lite
  • Otoport Lite

  • Definitive OAE Screener

  • Product No: NS-1023
  • Manufacturer: Otodynamics
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The Otoport Lite is a simple to use handheld OAE system with an intuitive interface, offered with either TEOAEs for newborn hearing screening or DPOAEs for both newborn and paediatric hearing screening. Automatic pass/refer, low cost consumables and long battery life all make it the ideal way to screen with OAEs.



System Features

  • Configurable TE and DP pass criteria at 6dB SNR
  • Optimized paediatric mode
  • Quality Assurance with proven OAE technology
  • Automatic transfer of data with Otolink for record review, management, printing and archiving


Technical Specifications

User interface: 

Display: 65K color LCD, QVGA resolution

Memory and storage: 

More than 250 test cycles or one full working week (typical use). 4GB non-volatile memory

Data acquisition: 

Analogue interface: 2 x 16bit (output) and 1 x 16 bit (input) channels

Electrical interfaces: 

Probe connector (Otodynamics 8-pin). Data/charge connector - USB 1.1/2.0


Internal rechargeable 3.7v, 1000mAh lithium-polymer battery


195mm (7.6in) x 70mm (2.7in) x 30mm (1.2in)


214 grams (7.5oz)


Device Class 2a (Directive 93/42/EEC). ISO 13485. ISO 14971.
BS EN 60601. UL 60601. CSA-C22.601.