fNIR Imaging System
  • fNIR Imaging System

  • Safe, Affordable, Non-Invasive Cognitive Function Assessment

  • Product No: NS-1075
  • Manufacturer: Biopac
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The fNIR Imaging system from BIOPAC is an optical imaging system that measures neural activity and hemodynamic response - better known as continuous near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) - in the prefrontal cortex. The fNIR system provides an in-lab cognitive function assessment and eliminates many of the drawbacks of a functional MRI.

The fNIR sensor (IR light sources and detectors mounted in a flexible band) is mounted on the subjects' forehead and provides real-time values of oxygenated hemoglobin and deoxygenated hemoglobin levels in the blood. This recorded NIRS data can be easily combined with other physiological variables such as ECG, respiration, cardiac output, blood pressure, electrodermal activity and stimulus response markers thanks to the easy integration into AcqKnowledge acquisition software from BIOPAC. AcqKnowledge provides automated analysis tools for event related potentials (ERP) and averaging. Combining the NIRS data with the other physiological signals provides a detailed subject assessment. The fNIR system is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Human Performance Assessment
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Depth of Anesthesia Monitoring
  • Brain Computer Interface

It integrates with stimulus presentation systems (such as Presentation from NeuroBehavioralSystems) and BIOPACs virtual reality (VR) products.


fNIRSoft (fS) Pro Edition Software

fS is a stand-alone software package designed to process, analyze and visualize functional near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) data through a graphical user interface and/or scripting (for automation). Use fS viewer tools, data management tools, and a scripting engine to view the data in real time and perform post acquisition analysis. The included fS Pro Edition extends functionality with these additional tools not provided in fS Standard:

  • fS Signal Analysis: Data Processing Tools
  • fS Viewer: Temporal Visualization, Time Series Analysis Tools
  • fS Viewer: Topograph Tools – including brain mapping and visualization over brain surface image


Integrate fNIR Systems with an MP160 Research System


The fNIR Imaging system control device has a BNC trigger output that sends TTL pulses at the beginning and end of baseline, and at the beginning and end of a recording session. The trigger can be used to start the MP160 for data collection and to record the start and end of each fNIR segment.

Trigger Acquisition

Connect a BNC to BNC cable between the fNIR Imaging control device BNC trigger and the Isolated Digital Interface Module (STP100C), External Trigger port, and set AcqKnowledge to External trigger.

Record Digital Triggers

To record the triggers, connect a Jumper Cable (JUMP100) between the TRIG and one of the Digital I/O lines on the rear of the Universal Interface Module (UIM100C). Turn on the digital I/O line and the system will record and display the triggers on the digital channel.


System Configurations

  • 54 channels (max.)
  • fNIRSoft Pro & COBI
  • 2 sensor cables
  • 3-18 channel sensor pads
  • 54 channels (max.)
  • fNIRSoft Pro & COBI
  • 2 sensor cables
  • 3-18 channel sensor pads
  • 1 computer
  • 1 caddy
  • 54 channels (max.)
  • fNIRSoft Pro & COBI
  • 2 sensor cables
  • 3-18 channel sensor pads
  • 2-5 channel sensor pads
  • 2-6 channel sensor pads
  • 2 computers
  • Pole cart


System Features

  • Safe & Noninvasive
  • Comfortable sensors for adult, pediatric, or split placement
  • Record simultaneous EEG
  • Affordable
  • Fast & Efficient Setup
  • Avoids claustrophobia issues
  • No special MR considerations
  • Synchronize with other data or video
  • Hemodynamic response & neural activity in the prefrontal cortex
  • Wired or new Wireless Systems
  • Real-time oxy-Hb, deoxy-HB, and raw data values
  • Synchronize with physiological variables - add a BIOPAC Research System for ECG, RESP, dZ/dt, BP, EDA, etc.
  • Record EEG data and fNIR data at the same time
  • fNIRSoft standalone software - record, process, analyze and visualize fNIR signals
  • Trigger Acquisition & Record Digital Triggers


Technical Specifications

Time resolution: 500 ms
Photo-emitters: 730nm / 850nm (dual wave-length LED)
Trigger output: TTL level positive-going pulse
Synchronization ports: 3 TTL, 1 Serial, 1 Parallel
Wireless: wired and wireless systems available
Dimensions (fNIR Base Unit): 250 mm x 100 mm x 320 mm
Weight (fNIR Base Unit): 3 kg
fNIR sensor channels: different amount of channels available, please enquire
fNIR sensor material: Silicone rubber

Please note: Important! This product is for research applications only. Not a medical device as defined in EU directive 93/42/EEC. Not designed or intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment of disease.