Grael 4K PSG
  • Grael 4K PSG

  • World's First 4K PSG Amplifier

  • Product No: NS-1018
  • Manufacturer: Compumedics
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Over 25 years of experience in designing PSG and EEG amplifiers, including the highly successful E-Series, has culminated in Grael – Our most technologically advanced amplifier yet, and the world’s first 4K High Definition, dual platform PSG:EEG amplifier. Choose the model best suited for your needs: Grael for dual-platform PSG and EEG, or Grael EEG for dedicated EEG studies. Traditional PSG amplifiers use AC-coupled inputs, which result in signals decaying back to zero even if no other filters are applied. Grael introduces DC-coupled inputs to PSG, allowing signals to be faithfully recorded without compromise. Traditional PSG amplifiers use a common reference for all inputs, meaning that signals such as LEG EMG are prone to significant artifact. Grael includes 16 true differential inputs (8 on Grael EEG) which provide the cleanest signals possible by virtually eliminating noise/artifact. Oximeters traditionally have a resolution of 1%, requiring filtering to display a smooth signal. Grael's integrated Oximeter has been specifically designed for sleep monitoring, and with a resolution of 0.1% allows accurate identification of clinically significant desaturations.


System Features

  • High Definition PSG/EEG: 24-bit, DC-coupled input amplifier - a new standard for PSG
  • One-box, One cable amplifier: All connections integrated and both power and data are transmitted with a single network connection to the Grael
  • Improved Efficiency: One-touch quick disconnect, lanyard for easy carrying when disconnected and a Grael cradle can be desk, cart or wall mounted to suit any environment


Technical Specifications

Channels 32 referential channels / 16 differential channels
A/D converter resolution 24 bit
Sample Rate 16384 Hz
Input Range ±150, ±300, ±600, ±1500mV (resolution <50nV)
Frequency response DC to 1150 Hz (user adjustable)
Input impedance 100MOhm (20MOhm with 16 differential channels)
CMRR >100dB
Operating voltage 48 volts / POE (power over ethernet)
Power Consumption <10 watts
Weight 0.8 kg (24.7 oz)
Dimensions 240mm (9.45in) L x 144mm (5.66in) W x 50mm (1.97in) H